Correspondence Center

Correspondence Center

Correspondence Center

Appian Platform

The Correspondence Center is a structured and official mechanism for communication between an organization’s internal departments as well as with external entities such as Special Purpose Vehicles.

The application provides a structured mechanism for preparing, approving and distributing communication between an organization’s internal departments, as well as with external entities such as Special Purpose Vehicles. Documents include both internal general and special memos, in addition to external SPV’s, letters and faxes correspondence. Capabilities of the application include creating correspondences, sending them for review, approving them and then distributing them to the employees and other relevant parties.

The application allows an author to create new content or to attach documents from the local drive, SharePoint, and other existing memos. This is followed by an option for adding comments and then finally choosing the required action — review or approve. During this process, the system provides a strong set of controls including:

  • Reference number, which is automatically generated and assigned to a correspondence. Each department has distinct serial numbers for internal versus external communication.
  • Email notification to relevant parties during each step of the creation/approval process.
  • Recall functionality, which allows for additional editing prior to final approval.
  • Cancel functionality, which allows for a correspondence to be canceled by the author prior to final approval.


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  • Type: Accelerator
  • Industry: All Industries
  • Compatible Version(s): 17.4+
  • First Released: 25 Sep 2015
  • Last Updated: 14 Jan 2018
  • Cost: Paid