Legal Contract Review

Legal Contract Review

Legal Contract Review

Built on Appian's Powerful Low-Code Platform

The Legal Contract Review Application simplifies the submission, review, and approval of legal contracts over the entire contract lifecycle.
Key features of this application include:
  • Automated and Configurable Workflow:
    Streamlines the legal contract review lifecycle with configurable workflows, accommodating exceptional approvals and specific recipient inputs for certain contract clauses, if necessary.
  • Centralized Case Management:
    Provides a centralized repository for all legal contract review cases, ensuring easy retrieval and filtering based on multiple criteria.
  • Visibility through Approval timelines:
    Gives visibility to all involved on the status of the legal contract review cycle using graphical timeline representations of review and approval actions. A complete approval audit for the contract is also made available on the record.
  • Consistent Vendor Communication:
    Standardizes communication with vendors by automating email communication using uniform email content and consistent document format for approved contracts.
  • Efficient Contract Expiry Management:
    Sends timely email reminders before contract expiry dates and automates the renewal process once initiated.
  • Integrates with leading E-Signature providers
    Seamlessly integrates with leading E-Signature providers such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign.
  • AI enabled interactions to efficiently retrieve information in legal contracts
    Enables users to have free flowing interactions with an AI chatbot automatically trained on contract documents under review.
Appian helped us to organize our tasks doing contract review with the business. We used to review our contracts manually and now that we have Appian in our plate we are now more organized. We can easily track the contract and automated to the next concerned department. We work in a single platform and everyone will be updated on its progress. Hassle free and tension free as the system will auto escalate your request as per defined SLA- Mr. Faisal Baduran Latif, Digital Specialist at Abdul Latif Jameel


  • Badges:  
  • Type: Accelerator
  • Industry: All Industries
  • Compatible Appian Version(s): 23.4+
  • First Released: 6 Oct 2017
  • Last Updated: 8 Apr 2024
  • Cost: Paid


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