Real World Process Examples: BPM for Employee Onboarding

Business Problem: New hire on-boarding is a cross-functional, time-consuming, and often highly-manual process. We use BPM to automate and accelerate the steps within departments and to facilitate the process hand-offs between departments. In fact, it even starts before on-boarding: we use BPM to manage the complete lifecycle of recruiting from prospect intake through interview through offer. Appropriate handoffs are then automatically made to HR for employee on-boarding.

Process Players: Recruiting, Human Resources, Finance, Executive Management, Department Supervisors, IT, New Hire

Process Steps: Hand-offs from Recruiting go to HR for automatic pre-processing, which kicks out sub-processes for things such as all IT provisioning, delivering new-hire paperwork, alerting Finance for benefits processing, and scheduling an introductory Supervisor meeting. These steps segue into follow on processes, such as filing final paperwork, creating employee photos, badges and business cards, alerting our intranet team to post new information in the employee directory, and getting the new hire into our Peoplesoft ERP system.

Process Benefits: Tremendous reduction in time and effort required to process new hires, and enforcement that all keys steps are completed. The end result is that employees are up and running as self-sufficient, productive members of our team faster.

HR On-Boarding
HR On-Boarding

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