PolariseMe Congratulates Appian On Latest Release

Appian’s latest version with additional features and enhancements was released on January 10th 2014. This release enables collaboration and new content sharing capabilities, new task management features, expansion of SAIL (Self Assembling Interface Layer) to process start and task forms, new and enhanced SAIL interface components, expanded integration capabilities and other important end user and designer features.

Some of the added features for end users are listed below:

  1. Fast Collaborative File Sharing: Users can attach files to News posts. Viewers of the feed entry can then download and open these files

    Fast & Collaborative File Sharing
    Fast & Collaborative File Sharing
  2. Task Preview: A user can preview an assigned task before deciding whether or not to accept it. Even after accepting a task, it is possible for a user to return it back to its original assignees
  3. Record News View: See news activity stream related to a record for instant access to collaboration and updates for any enterprise data
  4. Remember Me: End users may now have the system remember their login credentials for faster access to Appian
  5. User Credential Store: Store encrypted user login credentials to external systems to facilitate faster access to data and integrations
  6. Unique Action URLs: Individual Actions in Tempo now have unique URLs, so users can bookmark and/or share links to specific Actions

Some of the enhancements for designers are as follows:

  1. Dynamic Forms: enhancements to Appian SAIL for process forms.
  2. New SAIL UI Components: Additional UI components for Appian SAIL
  3. WebService Functions: Enhanced web services

The above features are great additions to the existing Appian enterprise and mobile BPMS feature-set, and make the software more user and designer-friendly. Learn how your organization can benefit from them- contact us now at info@polariseme.com for a demo.

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