Real World Process Examples: BPM for Arrears Management

Business Problem: We had manual Arrears Management processes involving report outputs from systems that were translated into spreadsheets and then manually transformed. We automated these processes with BPM to gain efficiencies, provide better customer service, and achieve higher yields in collections.

Process Players: Account Managers, Supervisors, Senior Manager/Director, Payment Processors, Ongoing Administrators

Process Steps: Daily reports are sent to the Arrears Management System with the information for all delinquent accounts. This information is used to create new Arrears cases, which are given a scheduled call date, and placed in the daily call work list. A Supervisor reviews the list of arrears cases, and determines which group of cases an Account Manager will work on. The Account Manager applies filters and then selects the first case from the new list, reviews the Case Dashboard for background information, and calls the client. The system also schedules the distribution of different types of mail outreach to clients depending on the status of their account. This account status is tracked by the system, kicking off appropriate actions along the way. When the client’s account becomes current, the arrears process ends.

Process Benefits: Our Arrears Management BPM System handles all workflow and task coordination for all aspects of identifying arrears accounts, contacting the client, making payment arrangements, and keeps a diary record of all client-facing interactions and related documents. When the client’s account becomes current, the arrears process ends.

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