Real World Process Examples: BPM For Customer Service

Business Problem: As an international bank with millions of customer accounts, we sought to improve our ability to provide consistent one-stop service to clients across all channels, products, and geographies. Those who contacted customer service would receive inconsistent responses based on which channel they contacted the bank through (online, call centers, branch offices). This adversely impacted customer satisfaction, and created account status confusion and additional work for our employees. We required an automated, cohesive process to provide unified global customer service.

Process Players: All Customer Service channels and request fulfillment teams, Customer Service Managers, bank clients

Our BPM solution has a CRM front-end supporting all channels and products across a global fulfillment backbone. Merging 56 disparate applications into a single desktop utility, the system delivers a real-time dashboard/report card for regional managers and customers. It is a streamlined, unified application for global operations in which all service requests and exceptions are handled, no matter where they originate. The BPM workflow ensures process integrity through task assignments and alerts, providing a global, 24/7 system to track and process requests.

Process Benefits: With BPM, our automated and consolidated application immediately responds to customer service queries, with quicker cycle times and consistent responses through all channels. Our single-view customer relationship has led to increased customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and significant new sales opportunities.

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