Choose Mobile BPM: A Zero-Code Approach To Rapidly Deliver Secure And Scalable Enterprise Mobile Apps

Research, surveys, and analysts all point to mobile being a big priority for enterprise as it has a substantive impact on top line revenue growth, customer and employee relationships, and bottom line asset efficiency. For instance, Gartner predicts mobile application development for smartphones and tablets will account for 80 percent of all development activities in an enterprise by 2015. Another recent IDG Research study revealed that 69 percent of IT executives believe enterprise mobility is a critical or high priority during the next 12 months – more than cloud (53%) or big data (48%). Also, one of the latest surveys of more than 167 mobile channel decision makers by Forrester Consulting found that about three quarter (74%) respondents considered mobile a top priority for their business in the coming year.

Despite mobile being a big priority for the enterprise, developing mobile enterprise apps can come with a myriad of challenges and concerns. Amongst top challenges and concerns include time delays, and high costs. Mobile development teams using traditional coding techniques struggle to develop and enhance mobile apps on time. Having to maintain these mobile enterprise applications for each major mobile platform such as Android, BlackBerry, and iOS, adds an additional layer of complexity. As a result, an enterprise is burdened with hiring additional specialized mobile development resources, and continuously upgrading its mobile enterprise applications for each mobile platform. These unnecessary burdens detract from an enterprise’s main priority of building new mobile enterprise applications and features.

The answer: Choose mobile Business Process Management System (BPMS). As opposed to traditional mobile coding techniques, a mobile BPMS uses visual flowchart like notation to represent business application logic. This allows IT and business teams in your enterprise to more effectively collaborate using an agile approach to mobile application development. A mobile BPMS allows you to develop your enterprise mobile application once, and seamlessly deploy on all major mobile platforms such as Android, Blackberry, and iOS. Using mobile BPMS, your enterprise can focus on what really matters: rapidly delivering new mobile applications that are secure and scalable.