PolariseMe Attends First E-Commerce Summit in U.A.E

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, TRA, recently held the first e-commerce summit in Dubai, U.A.E on September 9th 2013. Industry’s leading organizations and minds across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region were present at this event. PolariseMe also attended this event. One of the main topics of discussion at this event was the mobile usage trends in U.A.E.

Individual Mobile Internet and Online Activities in U.A.E
Individual Mobile Internet and Online Activities in U.A.E

As the above infographic shows, U.A.E has 73.8 percent smart phone penetration. This means that approximately 6.8 million UAE residents use smartphones. Also, it is interesting to see that the highest mobile usage activities include sending and receiving e-mails and social media interaction.

So how can a smart organization in U.A.E take advantage of this high smart phone penetration rate and mobile usage trend data? These statistics suggest that most employees in an organization own a smart phone, and are familiar with some form of social interaction on their smart phone. By adopting business process management (BPM) software, an organization can enable its employees to be securely connected to critical business processes on-the-go through a simple no-training social interface.

Our offering of leading BPM technology brings work and social together on mobile. It magnifies the power of social collaboration as it occurs in the context of work even on-the-go. It empowers relevant participants to instantly communicate, take action, track events, send requests, receive notifications, and integrate with existing CRM, ERP, and database systems wherever they may be. The benefits of mobile computing are clear: enhanced responsiveness, faster access to critical data, greater efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction. Is your organization taking advantage of these recent mobile innovations to stay ahead of the game?