Creating Government Cost Savings with BPM

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Recent efforts to dramatically reshape the way government agencies have approached IT systems have forced agencies to evaluate systems in an entirely new way.
Government CIOs must evolve and adapt to the new demands, and Appian’s business process management platform is a business-ready solution that can deliver the flexibility needed to optimize operations today and in the future.
In past years, the returns generated by government IT improvements have been small compared to private sector gains. In-house development and commercial-off-the-shelf software is costly, and often limited by the questions asked during development. In addition, what’s requested today may not meet needs in the future as agency requirements evolve.
Appian BPM delivers a code-free platform to rapidly deploy new applications – and quickly adapt them over time. This puts new business capabilities in employees’ hands quickly, and eases compliance with Federal CIO “First” mandates, such as Cloud First and Future First.
While “Cloud First” is an important part of shifting IT priorities, there will always be data sources that need to stay behind firewalls. This means cloud-based systems must securely interoperate with on-premise data sources, while also providing complete portability to an on-premise environment.
Mobile and social technologies are also an important part of “Future First.” The growth of smartphones in the business world shows that mobile capabilities are essential, while the problems inherent with tracking work via email show that social can help accelerate better – and more visible – decisions.
Appian BPM gives government agencies a modern, flexible platform to keep pace with changing requirements without costly rip-and-replace approaches. That helps government agencies see real ROI from their IT.

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