BPM for the Oil and Gas Industry [Video]

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The ever-growing oil and gas industry is facing a number of new challenges as it looks to increase productivity and improve processes to allow for greater collaboration with its workers across the globe. Although currently facing a skills shortage and aging workforce, the industry is expected to continue focusing on exploration and existing project operations while maximizing ROI. And as it moves forward, it still needs to address other issues such as maintaining cash flow, regulatory uncertainties and environmental concerns, all while reining in costs. But how can they do this? By gathering and evaluating real-time data. BPM platforms can help the industry sort through all that data more efficiently and effectively, increase collaboration across departments and automate many tasks that can slow production. By using mobile BPM software solutions, workers can gather key information anytime, anywhere, to make decisions more quickly – from the corner office to the most remote field locations.

Appian’s BPM Suite provides oil and energy companies with a collaborative environment that can:

– Interact with suppliers and contractors

– Monitor, manage and improve internal business decisions

– Update and facilitate maintenance, repairs and inspections to help avoid pipeline failures

– Integrate and improve visibility and transparency across all systems

– And process customer inquiries more quickly by linking data directly from internal systems

With 60 percent of global energy consumption expected to be supplied by oil and gas by 2040, BPM aims to help companies tackle whatever challenges come their way in order to stay competitive now, and in the future.