Using BPM For Retailers [Video]

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In today’s competitive retail world, companies are under a lot of pressure to retain and increase foot traffic. From better online customer service, to the lighting inside their brick and mortar stores and merchandise, retailers need to be able to analyze key data in order to figure out exactly what they need to do to keep buyers happy and loyal. One of the best ways to gather all this information is with a mobile BPM platform solution that not only tracks important information, but lets workers analyze, collaborate and react anytime, from anywhere. Appian’s mobile BPM allows retailers to look at projects across all their locations, as well as create applications to track in-store or remote-site inspections and auto-generate work orders, all while providing managers with real-time analysis of store conditions. BPM also helps retailers manage the supply chain to ensure the most popular items are always in stock, and even helps track the effectiveness of a company’s marketing and promotional campaigns. BPM software can also automate financial stats to help reduce errors and compliance concerns. What about new product development or accounts payable? BPM helps with all that and more to ensure retailers are keeping up with trends in the front of the house, and improving processes in the back office. No matter where workers are and what they need to do, Appian’s mobile BPM platform helps them do it, so buyers can get what they want, when they need it, making for a better overall customer experience.